From the President’s Console: June 2001

Posted June 2001

Summer seems to have snuck up on us once again this year. Our final INFOGROUP event of the Spring/Summer rolls out this Monday, June 25th; the INFOGROUP User’s Group meeting! It promises to be an exciting session, focusing on iCat our new Internet Catalog offering, as well as an overall review of Internet technologies under development here. Ample time for an exciting round table discussion among attendees on important issues holds great promise too.

As we registered attendees for this latest meeting, we came to the realization that holding INFOGROUP sessions during the summer is nearly as difficult as doing one during the week between Christmas and New Years. Ain’t happening. Summer vacation schedules, combined with other warm weather activities make it difficult for many potential attendees to get away. So, we’re taking a break in the routine and sliding our next event back to September 17/18th for Cylinder Control/Serial Number Tracking. That’ll be followed in October with an Accounts Payable/General Ledger session. We’ll not be holding any training sessions in July or August.

Hardware development steams along too. A newer, faster server is about to be released, in both a single and dual processor version. Coupled with a dual, redundant (RAID) high speed SCSI hard drive sub-system, this server is the fastest, most fault tolerant SCO-UNIX server we’ve ever shipped and can easily handle over 100 users.

I’d like to welcome Bob, Ellen, Winnie and Charlie at Ivey Industries, in Springfield, MA as our newest customer. Welcome aboard!

–David J Frea