NWSA, Chicago!

Posted June 2001

The third and final Spring Management Conference (SMC) was the best of the year. Chicago is always the most well attended proving it is not only convenient but a favorite of the NWSA Active Members – inspiring the question of whether more than one or two SMCs are necessary for NWSA members.

Between the President’s Reception and the Contact Booth program Account Specialist Jim Conlin was able to visit with many of our customers: Dale and Paul of Scott-Gross Company, Laurel and Bob of New Bedford Welding Supply, Micheal of Zakoor Novelty, Bryan of Cedar Rapids Welding Supply, Scott and Gary of Superior Welding Supply, Gary of Metro Welding, Tom of Buffalo Welding Supply, Scott of Mississippi Welders Supply, Chuck and Steve of Northern Gases, Marty and Mike of the Raymond Martin Company and Jim, Tom, James and Claire of Delille Oxygen all managed to run into Mr. Conlin.

Long time industry friends Ken Thompson and Scott Ehrnschwender also exchanged greetings with Jim before adjournment Thursday. The conference provided valuable contact with a number of potential customers looking to replace their current systems later this year or were simply researching alternatives. Special thanks to those of you who introduced us and for your kind words.

At the booth, customers seemed most interested in seeing the new iCat Internet Catalog and checking on the progress of the redesigned handheld INFOTRACK software. There was also a lot of interest in the upcoming June User Group with its promise of networking with fellow INFONETICS users and the Question and Answer session. The ability to tap into other users’ knowledge pool had universal appeal.

All in all a good opportunity to keep up with old friends, make some new ones and share information and insight.