From the President’s Console: March 1999

Posted March 1999

This coming week, we host our 2nd-ever INFOGROUP users group meeting.  We had so much fun at the last one, we thought we’d try it again!  Seriously, we’ve been absolutely over-run by interest in PC/Workstations, Networking, Internet Access and Web Site design and hosting services after our 1st-ever INFOGROUP meeting last month.  While our backlog of installations and upgrades is stretching towards the new millennium, we’re as excited as all of you are in the possibilities that lie ahead for all of us in the areas of EDI , VMI, WWW, and EC.  If you’re not sure how those initials fit in your future, get in touch with us.  It’s a road you need to be on, and we’ll help you chart the right course to it.

Our new building project can now honestly be called a building as there is a concrete floor and steel frame surrounded by four walls instead of just dirt.  No roof yet, but coming soon (before it rains I hope).  It’s an exciting project that’s coming quicker at us than any of us here probably realize.  In the next four months we need to select a new phone system, carpets, wall and window treatment, office furniture, security system, signage and even landscaping items.  And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any busier…..

We’re also in final testing for our newest, most powerful system to date.  It’s a dual processor Pentium-II/XEON based system with Ultra SCSI hard drive and 10/100 mBps on-board ethernet.  (That’s more buzz words than should be allowed in one sentence.)  What it really adds up to is a screamer of a system that’s well suited to the 100+ user server market.  And yes, a few of our installations are in that range of users.  Someday your company may need a system this fast.  And it’s nice to know we can build them that fast when you do.

Again this month, we have two new customers to welcome. First off, Charles at Campbell Welding Supply in Lynn Haven, FL. And second, Tom and his group at Endweld Supply Corp in Johnson City, NY.  Welcome.

— David J Frea