From the President’s Console: November 1996

Posted November 1996

Life is good.

Our new SCO Unix compiler is in place and paying great dividends. It’s wonderful to have the programming shackles off, and we’re hard at work on our latest software release, version 2.19!

We’ve completely rewritten the “WARNING: Old Unpaid A/R” feature to be independently configurable on a customer-by-customer basis. And, it now is based on a nightly recomputation process, instead of dynamically computing on-the-fly. This makes it dramatically faster.

Also finished is a rewrite of the sales tax feature for picked up sales. This permits the use of alphabetic codes for warehouse/branch designations as opposed to the previous convention of numeric designations.

Numerous other internal enhancements including an expansion of database tables, and optimization/performance tweaking have also been completed. Beta field tests are encouraging and proceeding on course.

Finally, we’d like to welcome Tom, Hazel, Kathy and the rest of the gang at Delille Oxygen right here in Columbus, Ohio as new customers. It’s wonderful to have you aboard, and so close by to boot! 

–David J. Frea