From the President’s Console: November 1997

Posted November 1997

ometimes it’s the little things that matter the most.

In a recent software enhancement, we’ve increased the number of lines available on the INFOFAX fax cover sheet from 3 to 5, each of them now 65 characters long. This more than doubles the amount of descriptive space available for entering messages on a fax cover sheet. And, it has proven to be one of the most popular enhancements in our latest software update version 2.19. We’ve also developed a “batch faxing” program that can fax an entire batch/day’s worth of invoices to your customers. No more paper, stamps, or envelopes needed! This also works for monthly rental bills, and statements.

If you’re not using our INFOFAX system, then why not? It’s one of our most popular software packages and makes faxing of all computerized documents a snap. Fax purchase orders, invoices, rental bills, receivables statements, even reports to customer and/or vendors without having to print them, or wait in line at the fax machine. It re-dials automatically, and logs the details of the call in a fax transmission file.

If you don’t already have these neat new features installed, please give us a call and request your version 2.19 update.

Speaking of our new software version 2.19, distribution is going very well. All of you who requested update tapes (at last count over a third of our installations) have by now received them, and for the most part have already had us load them for you. If you’ve been holding off waiting for the right time (or a sign from some higher power), then now’s the time to order your update. It’s done, it’s ready, just give us a call.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all of you who gave me such words of encouragement in my recent goal of running in a marathon. I successfully reached my first milestone by completing the 5K run at the Columbus Marathon! As I was waiting for the start, I was wishing I’d signed up for the 26 mile marathon. After those brave souls took off, and I was in the staging area for the 5K run, I was wishing it was a 10K run. But moments after the 5K race started, I was thanking my lucky stars that it was only a 5K. Hopefully a full years training before next years marathon will prove beneficial!

Finally, I’d like to welcome two young men to our crew of night (or late afternoon) technicians. Andrew Ewing, a senior at the local tech school, and Bryan Frea, (back after a short break for marching band season), both have started giving us a hand in assembly, loading, configuration and repair of various hardware in our service department. Welcome aboard, and get to work! 

–David J. Frea