From the President’s Console: December 1997

Posted December 1997

Seasons Greetings

Snow is falling, the skies have clouded over, it must be winter in Central Ohio. The clouds will clear sometime next May, so until then, there’s no better reason to go to work than the weather outside!

One of the things we’re working hard on these days, is research and development of a new Pentium-II Unix server. Its motherboard is capable of supporting dual Pentium-II 300 megahertz processors (with the appropriate SCO UNIX and MPX operating system). And, it’s a real screamer. While it’s in the same “686” generation as the PentiumPRO, it does up the processor speed from 200 to 300 megahertz. Combined with at least 32 megabytes of RAM, a 2.5 gigabyte S.M.A.R.T. IDE hard drive, and the finest INFONETICS software available (ver.2.19), this machine runs faster, supports more users, comes in a shorter, attractive black case, and best of all, COSTS THE SAME!

For a historical perspective; this system is three times faster than its predecessor, the “586” Pentium. And, the “586” was four times faster than its predecessor, the venerable “486”. If you still have one of our older “486” or “586” systems, do yourself a favor, and give us a call for a quote on an upgrade. You’ll be glad you did.

By the way, I’m up to 6 mile long training runs on my quest to run the Columbus Marathon next November. Double what I was doing less than a month ago! Course, that improvement is the easy part, I still have over 20 miles of endurance to add on between now and then.

I’d like to welcome Gene, Roger and Bruce at Lawson Welding Supply in Pine Bluff, Arkansas as new customers. Nice to have you along.

And here’s wishing all of you and yours a wonderful Christmas, filled with family, friends, good food, fun, and maybe even a few gifts from Santa under the tree! 

–David J. Frea