From the President’s Console: November 1998

Posted November 1998

It’s official.  We’ve signed contracts for a new office building!  Those of you who have visited our cramped little second floor offices know first hand how badly we need more space for our growing business.  We now have contracts signed for an office building in a new office park being developed here in Grove City.  We’ll initially occupy only one third of the building while leasing out the balance.  This will allow us room to grow in the future without another change of address.  It’s an exciting and challenging project, but with a lot of hard work, a healthy dose of risk, and a little good luck from mother nature we should be in our new facility by next summer. 

We’ve also managed to get a PC Technician/Web Master hired.  Loel Larzelere joined us this past month and already has demonstrated his skill with a screwdriver and keyboard.  He’ll be heading up our Service Department, so expect to be speaking with him in the future as the need arises.  And, as a bonus, Loel is an experienced Web Master.  He’ll be working on some new enhancements to our own web site ( and some exciting new services we have to offer in the development and hosting of web sites for our customers.  If you’ve been waiting for us to do your web site, now’s the time to give us a call.  We’re ready to build one for you today!

I’d also like to welcome Roz, Richard, Debra and Marcella at County Welding Equipment in Pompano Beach, FL as new customers, along with Steve, Jim, Linda, Mary Ann and Don at Welder Services in Toledo, OH.  Glad to have you up and running. 

–David J Frea