New Office Building Announced

Posted November 1998

For ‘nigh on three years we’ve been searching for a new facility to house our growing company.  This last year has seen some of the compromises of our current second floor cramped offices impose themselves on our efficiency and effectiveness.  We’ve had to move stacks of equipment from one corner to the other, and then back again, just to have room to work on a project.  And, we’ve simply run out of available desks and phones for new employees.  So, after more starts and stops and plans and hopes than any of us can remember, we’ve finally signed contracts on a new office building project.

Primary objectives for this project include:

Location; Grove City, Ohio.  A great place to raise a family, build a business, and live life.  Of course, we’re kinda partial to the area as we’ve been doing these things here for as long as we can remember.  It also happens to be located within the greater Columbus metropolitan area, with the Ohio State University (along with dozens of other high tech companies) drawing talent (and top notch football players) to the area.  And, it’s within 500 miles of two thirds of the population of the United States.

New, New, New.  Finally, we can have an office optimized for our needs, with warehousing space, plenty of room for service, assembly and testing, and even a real conference/training room for small group training sessions and user meetings.

Single floor design.  The UPS and Fed/Ex delivery guys can quit griping about having to carry all your new equipment up the stairs, then right back down after we’ve done our thing to them.  Maybe they’ll even take a little better care with them, too.

Room to grow.  If we have to go through a re-location, and the headaches associated with that, let’s hope it’s the last time for quite a while.  We’ve designed this facility over six times larger than our current space.  While we’ll only occupy one third of the building initially (and lease the rest to other tenants), we’ll have plenty of room to expand in the future.

The contracts are signed, financing arranged, site plans and drawings complete and timetables underway.  Ground breaking should occur by year’s end with construction starting in late Winter or early Spring.  If all goes well, we’ll be in by mid-summer ’99!