From the President’s Console: October and November 1999

Posted November 1999

Yes, for the first time in years, we missed sending out a newsletter in October.  So please enjoy this expanded edition.  As you’ll see, we were quite preoccupied with preparations for not one but two INFOGROUP meetings sandwiched around our official Open House hosted in late October.

And, on top of that, we waded our way thru probably the busiest 2-month new system installation schedule seen around INFONETICS in years (if ever).  But the good news is, we survived!  As you’ll see from the following list of new customers, we were quite busy traveling all over the country too.

Welcome to Jack, Jessica & Becky at Northern Michigan Welding Supply in Charlevoix, MI;  Andy at Hooper Welding in Oklahoma City, OK;  JoAnn, Dianne and Gary at Wagner Welding Supply in Longmont, CO;  Dom, Enza and Frank at Advanced Welding Supply in Brooklyn, NY;  Brenda at Yakima Welders Supply in Yakima, WA and Mike & Barb at Zakoor Novelty in Livonia, MI.


–David J Frea