Posted November 1999

INFONETICS held it’s final INFOGROUP users group meeting(s) of the millennium on October 20th and 21st at its new facility in Grove City, Ohio. Attendees were introduced to the new INFOTERM-6400 PC/Terminal, PocketTrack handheld computing, and INFOPAGE forms imaging systems.

INFONETICS President, David J. Frea, leads opening session of INFOGROUP-III held Wednesday, October 20, 1999.


Grant C. DeLorean, Internet Specialist, shows some of the finer points of INFONETICS’ new PocketTrack handheld scanning system to INFOGROUP attendees Eric Lewis of Bickett Machine while Greg Nowak of Nowak Supply looks on.


Scott Lord of Life Gases, Billy Watson of Oxygen Services and Tom Smith of Dellile take front row!


Tom Smith of Delille and John Starcher of Star Welding enjoy refreshments and conversation at the Open House hosted Wednesday evening.


“I know this plays PacMan, I saw Grant playing it earlier!”


Account Specialist, Jim Conlin (right), leads DeNeen of Bil-Jax, and David and Mike from Scott Gross Company in a rousing chorus of the INFONETICS alma mater.


Web Master/Technician Loel Larzelere (goofy one on the left) and Ken from Wince Welding Supply ham it up in a candid shot.


Greg LeFevre of Ft. Recovery Equipment demonstrates his ease with the PocketTrack to Joe Brancato of Westgate Sales while others pay attention to the presentation.


Lacey Mechling swipes a cookie at the Open House. Don’t tell mom (Dawn)!