From the President’s Console: December 1999

Posted December 1999

October 13, 1999 marked a watershed event for us here at INFONETICS.  We successfully began the migration of our customer web sites to our in-house server.  More interesting though, we’re also now able to access our INFONETICS server, THRU THE INTERNET, to run our software.  While only in the beta stages of testing, it certainly has far ranging implications on the way we will be able to provide software and services to you, our customers, in the future.  At some point in time, you might see your software hosted on a machine here in our offices without the hassle of maintaining a server at your location.  High speed, dependable Internet communications end-to-end are still needed to make this pipe dream come true, but it’s headed that way.

We’ve also successfully deployed our new SPT-1500 handheld system (code named PocketTrack) at two beta test sites. Reports are quite positive, and we should have the unit ready for volume shipment by the time you read this.  This unit, based on the wildly popular Palm-III handheld, with an incorporated barcode scanner has replaced the venerable Panasonic JT as our third generation handheld offering.

The INFOTERM is shipping!!!!   Just in time for Christmas.  After much ado, we’re finally declaring the dumb terminal dead!  (Not really, we’ll still stock Televideo terminals as long as there’s a demand for them).  But, this new low-cost, small PC terminal should go a long ways towards replacing dumb terminals once and for all.  And, after some last minute fine tuning, the INFOTERM now ships standard with 64MB of RAM (up from 32MB in earlier discussions) and INCLUDES a copy of INFONET/PC, the networking software suite.

Finally, we’re launching our next major project initiative; TRAINING SESSIONS (no we don’t have a cutesy INFO??? name for it yet).  Please, please, please, read, fill out, and return the survey on page 3 to us right away so we can judge your interest in a new offering of classes to be hosted here in Grove City.

From all of us here, to you and all of yours, please have a safe and happy holiday season.

–David J Frea