From the President’s Console: January 2000

Posted January 2000

Y2K came and went without so much as a whimper.

But rather than grouse about the over reaction society put into this potentially crippling problem, let’s all take a moment and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.  Perhaps never before did the global community come together, identify a problem, and implement a solution BEFORE the crisis overwhelmed us.  Maybe if other crises (global warming, ozone, pollution) had firm, concrete dates associated with them we might be able to solve those problems also.

INFONETICS customers fared perhaps better than most of the information systems industry.  Our Y2K programming was implemented almost three years before the deadline and was distributed nearly free of charge (most paid less than $200) as part of normal ongoing software updates.  Many of you chose to upgrade your servers at the same time, replacing older 486 or Pentium technology with state of the art Pentium-II/III, and still for less than $3000 in most cases.  No wholesale replacement of terminals, printers or software were needed, not even a service contract to pay!

INFONETICS would like to welcome Becky, Jay, Ann, Travis and the gang at J&T’s Welding, LLC as our first new customer of the millenium!  J&T’s Welding is located in San Angelo, Texas (about 250 miles from both Dallas and San Antonio) and have been serving the west-central Texas welding supply community since 1994.  By the way, this is the sixth installation of an INFONETICS system in Texas over the last two years for Account Specialist Jim “Tex” Conlin.  Curiously enough, most of the installations seem to have taken place during the winter months!?!?!?!?

–David J Frea