From the President’s Console: February 2000

Posted February 2000

We’re on a mission.  A mission from the Internet.

INFONETICS is convinced that getting a real, full-time, easy to use connection to the Internet is a mandate for each of its customers.  The use of the Internet will soon revolutionize the way information is distributed to you.  Paper catalogs, literature, price lists and correspondence are quickly evaporating into the bits and bytes of the Internet.  And soon you’ll be paying to receive printed copies of information you used to get for free.

Make no mistake, failing to get involved in these technologies does threaten the long-term viability of your business.

Fortunately, INFONETICS has a well honed solution to get you connected, at an affordable price, without the hassle of figuring it out yourself.  INFOTERMs, our new PC/Workstation offering, INFONET/PC our PC/Networking software suite, and our Proxy Server provide the hardware basis for full-time, affordable Internet Access.  This year, we plan to visit with each of you regarding your plans for using the Internet.  Many of you have already taken the leap with us.  The rest will be given every opportunity to get on the band wagon.

And soon, we’ll be onto our next mission.  A mission of e-commerce.

This month, I have the unique pleasure of welcoming a new employee to the INFONETICS family.  Christine M. Kiefer has been selected to replace Loel Larzelere as Web Master/PC Technician.  Chris comes to us from life as a computer gypsy doing mostly internet based work as a consultant for a variety of clients.  Her diverse background includes six years of experience with UNIX based systems, writing HTML and Perl scripting for web sites, PC networking and tech support.  We look for Chris to propel our new web design and hosting services to a new level.  And you too should look for her as a traveling field rep installing, training, supporting and selling INFONETICS solutions to new and existing customers alike.