From the President’s Console: March and April 2000

Posted April 2000

Yep, we missed the March deadline for getting the newsletter out.  I know you’re all out there waiting anxiously for each edition, and we regret any stress this may have caused.  Once every few years my wife insists we take a real vacation, so we did.  We took a week to go skiing in the Rocky Mountains and have never played harder in our entire lives!  What an amazing experience it was, especially for a Midwesterner like myself who’s seen mostly flat land his entire life.

In the hardware department, we’ve been building INFOTERM’s as quick as the pieces/parts come in, and we still can’t get ahead of the curve.  I guess that means we’ve really hit on something here.  And I still haven’t been able to shake calling them the “CUTETERM” due to it’s compact size and cuteness factor.

We’ve also managed to break the logjam on our new SPT-1500 handhelds.  Grant polished off the last few printing issues with the SPT’s new cradle printer and we’ve been able to start shipping them too.  Look for an expose on them in an upcoming newsletter.

–David J Frea

Finally, I’d like to welcome Dan, Malena, and John at Ameriweld in Dallas, TX as new customers.  Welcome aboard!