From the President’s Console: September 1997

Posted September 1997

Well they say fall starts this month! I just don’t know if I’m ready to let summer go. On the bright side, it means less time to be fooling around outside, and more time to be inside working on neat new computer projects. (Get a life, would you!)

There certainly are neat new things to be working on, as the computer industry has to be the fastest changing business around. Last month we began testing Pentium II motherboards for our Unix server line. No sooner did we get our first model in, but a newer Dual CPU version was announced by Intel. We’ve got one of those on backorder now, and hope to get it up to speed ASAP.

And, we have completed research and development on our new Pentium 200 MMX workstation line, complete with sound card and speakers! It’s a real screamer, so much so that in a very rare move indeed, we’ve begun upgrading our workstations to this new CPU. What’s that old line about the barber being the last to get a haircut. Not in this case.

Installations of our Version 2.19 software update have proceeded exceedingly well, and we’re now officially ready to begin distribution via tape. Those of you who’ve already called to request it, don’t bother calling again, we’ll be shipping them out as quick as we can make them. If you haven’t already requested your update, just give a call so we can put you on the list.

It’ll take a couple of hours of modem work on a quiet system to load the update and retrofit your database, so call when you receive your tape to schedule an appointment to get it done.

Finally, this month I’d like to welcome Mike and Ann of AAA Medical Gases in New Jersey to the INFONETICS family of users. Glad to have you aboard. 

–David J Frea