Scrolling Login / Lost NABAR Messages

Posted August 1997

Have you notice the Nightly Automated Backup And Reorg (NABAR) messages no longer appear on you console screen. Furthermore, the console seems to pop up a fresh “Login:” prompt every few minutes. We all know how important it is to monitor whether NABAR is running normally, so checking the NABAR messages first thing each morning is critical.

Let me assure you that NABAR does run each night at 11:00, and does indeed put messages on the console screen letting you know what it did, and more importantly if there were any errors encountered. Sometimes though, a few minutes later, the system puts another “Login:” message on the console screen. And again, and again, and again. And within a half hour, the NABAR messages have scrolled right off the stop of the screen. So, unless you happen to be in the office around 11:30, you’ll never see the NABAR messages!

We’ve discovered a trick to prevent SCO UNIX from sculling a fresh “Login:” message on the console. Simply “mscreen” the console terminal. That way, the system thinks a user is logged on to the console, and it won’t continually reprompt. Of course, “mscreen” is not a real user, and won’t interfere with anything, not even NABAR!

Remember to re-mscreen the console terminal anytime the system has been shutdown and/or re-booted.

If you missed you NABAR messages on the console screen, you can always login as “root”, go to the “Print Queue Manager”, find the appropriate _nabar.??? Log file, and print it out. It contains an entire log of that nights NABAR activity for your review.