My First Jab

Posted March 2021

We’ve all slogged through the last year, hoping and wishing for the good old pre-pandemic days. Here in the tech biz, it’s been a whirlwind of new products, strategies, and coping. A quite busy whirlwind in fact.
Recently, my wife Mary and I became eligible for the CoVid vaccine and got our first shot. I hadn’t given much thought to my mindset, I just knew it was something I would do as soon as possible. But, my spirits were raised in measurable ways as I realized we would soon be able to (more safely) venture out again. Now don’t get me wrong, we had worked very intentionally to stay in touch with family and friends. We managed to do take-out (like the rest of the world) and outdoor dining, and even a couple of indoor dining at more up-scale restaurants. But we missed getting together with friends to share a meal and jabber and laugh. Now, maybe someday soon (maybe even by the time you read this), we may be able to re-engage with the world – or at least the vaccinated part of the world.
Our world is forever changed. And so is INFONETICS. We will forever embrace the “work from home” work-from-home paradigm. We’re more effective and more efficient with all our tools mobilized. Meetings, training, and support these days are done by remote, and are nearly identical to the on-site equivalent. The timing of sessions can be stretched and tweaked to allow our minds to process new information and continue to work on day-to-day tasks. Yes, someone still trudges in to the office to get the mail (how long is that going to be a thing?), and do shipping/receiving. But everyday commutes for office-bound work is a thing of the past, for us at least.
So here’s to the “better normal”. And hoping you get your jab soon.

— David J. Frea