Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday – It’s Easy with INFORRMS

Posted December 2020

It never fails. 

It’s the New Year, I’m writing out a check, and I put last year’s year on it. Out of pure habit. 

This usually happens until about the middle of March. 

Super frustrating. And every time I do it, I curse the guy who came up with the whole idea of “years” in the first place as I tear up another check.

Luckily, I don’t have that problem in INFONETICS INFORRMS. 

That’s because you don’t have to remember what year it is when you’re entering today’s date in INFORRMS — or even what month or day it is. Just hit the equal sign and INFORRMS will automatically pop today’s date into the date field for you.

But wait, what if I want to enter yesterday’s date? you ask.

Just hit the minus key and yesterday’s date will pop into the field automatically. Keep hitting the minus key and you’ll go back in time, one day at a time. To enter tomorrow’s date, just hit — you guessed it — the plus key. 

I’m not saying we built that into INFORRMS because I can’t remember what year it is until the year’s already a third over with, but it certainly has cut down on torn keyboards around here.