Protect Your Data with Certified ERAMs from INFONETICS

Posted September 2020

When it comes to your data, it’s not important enough to just have backups, but to have those backups on storage media you can count on. 

ERAM — Electronic Random Access Memory, better known as “Memory Sticks”, “Flash Drives”, “Thumb Drives”, and “Those computer thingies” — offer large storage capacities in conveniently portable packages. It’s a wonder how we ever lived without them.

But just as they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and capacities, ERAMs also come in an alarmingly wide variety of qualities, from great, to just good, to avoid-at-all-cost. 

That’s why INFONETICS sources only the highest quality ERAMs, with models from manufacturers we have certified are compatible with your INFORRMS server, the INFORRMS software, and the NABAR backup process, and then tests each and every ERAM to make sure it works before we ship it out to you.

Don’t trust your backup data to generic, untested ERAMS. Call or email INFONETICS, your trusted tech partner, to order your certified ERAM today.