Why You Need a Commerical Video Surveillance System

Posted August 2020

Having a video surveillance system is more important than ever. Having one you can depend on is essential.

Walk into any Big-box store and you can find dozens of video surveillance systems, promising easy do-it-yourself installation at dirt cheap prices. They’re tempting, sure. But these consumer-oriented, off-the-shelf systems provide a false sense of security, with their fuzzy low-resolution images, blind spots, finicky recorders, and faceless technical support numbers. They’re made for the home, not for a business. Can you really depend on them to help you catch the bad guys?

What you need is a commercial-grade video surveillance system that’s customized for your business and facilities, professionally installed and configured, and backed up by legendary support — all by the team you already know and trust: your tech partner, INFONETICS.

Our full-featured, surprisingly affordable systems include high-resolution, motion-sensing IP cameras and world-class monitoring and automated recording software that lets you keep an eye on your business from anywhere you have an internet connection – including your mobile phone. They’re easy-to-use and maintain, and there when you need them, with built-in motion detection that automatically records any motion, in a variety of formats for easy sharing with law enforcement.

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