Protect Your Work-from-Home PCs with BitDefender From INFONETICS

Posted July 2020

Is your staff working from home more, lately? I know, dumb question. Of course they are. But are the PCs and laptops they’re using at home safe from viruses, malware, and other computer threats?

Whether your staff is using company-provided PCs to work from home, or their own home PCs, working from home generally increases the risk of a virus, malware, or ransomware infection — not only for that PC, but for all the PCs on the networks it connects to.

Networks like yours.

The second an unprotected, infected PC connects to your network, even over the Internet with a VPN, it can potentially infect every unprotected PC in your organization within minutes.

That’s a big risk, but it is easily avoidable with BitDefender aniti-virus software, installed, managed and supported by INFONETICS.

Putting BitDefender from INFONETICS on every PC that connects to your network — whether it be an in-the-office PC, a company-provided take-home PC, or a staff member’s home PC — gives those PCs industry leading, world class defenses against a variety of computer threats, and makes sure that working from home is just as safe as working in the office, both for the PCs and your network.

Don’t let another minute go by letting unprotected computers connect to your network. Give us a call or shoot us an email to get BitDefender from INFONETICS for all of your PCs, today.