New High Speed Access Deployed

Posted September 2002

Recently, significant advances in the Internet Access connecting INFONETICS web/email hosting platform to the Internet have placed INFONETICS at the leading edge once again.

Three years ago, INFONETICS blazed the technological leading edge (sometimes called the “bleeding” edge) by implementing new “Cable modem” based Internet Access from Time Warner. Considered state-of-the-art in high speed, affordable, broadband access, the RoadRunner service served well the early days of our web and email hosting service. However, speeds and throughput slowly dropped as others in the local area connected to the same backbone, rendering our connection less than optimal.

Earlier this year, we began a search for a replacement. High-speed was a top priority, as well as availability of “static IP” addresses for future expandability, and of course affordability. All three criteria were met with the recent successful deployment of SBC/Ameritech’s DSL service. The new service was installed in early July and tested side-by-side with the cable modem. Extensive benchmarking and reliability testing was done, and eventually a “go-live” date was settled on. A quick switch of cables on an early Sunday morning, and our servers were up and running. By the next morning our new IP address had bubbled out through the Internet world, and we were once again serving our domains to the universe!

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) continues to make tremendous strides towards dominating the broadband (but affordable) Internet Access market. With pricing that competes favorably with traditional “dial-up” access, it promises to be the future for many companies. If you’d like INFONETICS to investigate implementing or upgrading your connection to DSL, just give us a ring