New Personnel

Posted May 1999

The past few months have brought a flurry of new additions to the INFONETICS staff. Loel Larzelere, Grant DeLorean and Christina DeLorean have joined the roster, so let’s introduce them to you.

Loel H. Larzelere, Technician/Web Master

Loel Larzelere is no stranger to many of our customers. He has been helping many of them on the phone and in person since late last year. A transplant from Wisconsin, Loel is now a happy INFONETICS employee and Grove City resident.

Most of the time Loel spends helping solve customers hardware and software problems, or actually out on the road delivering the goods in person. The balance of his day is spent busy working on Web pages (and polishing his shiny pate). At home, he loves relaxing in his hot tub, playing with his organ (with a keyboard and pedals), cruising the Internet and cheering on his beloved Green Bay Packers. Yes, he does have and wears the cheese hat!.

Grant C. DeLorean, Internet Specialist

What do you get when you cross a computer geek, a Trekie and a biker? We aren’t quite sure, but this is him. Grant started with computers back in 1976, and has steadily grown to love them more (especially since UNIX could be brought home easily!) Harley rides through the countryside and cruising the Internet are among his favorite ways of unwinding. Now if only he could get the monitor to balance on the handlebars…

Grant has been a computer fanatic since 1976 and a steadfast UNIX fan since 1985 (UNIX folk were most of the Internet back then, as there weren’t any easy ways for the general public to gain access to the net). Computers have always been a big part of his life and how he has made his living for most of his adult life. Grant’s background in UNIX, along with his experience building his own Internet Service Provider, company provide an excellent primer for his work here at INFONETICS.

Christina P. DeLorean, Administrative Assistant

Somewhere between Nina Simone (Jazz singer) and Madonna (?? singer), Christina finds her balance in bringing character to the office. Very versatile and outgoing, she performs numerous duties for INFONETICS, including everything from answering the phones, directing boxes in the ever growing shipping and receiving department here at INFONETICS, and generally performing the job of Jane-Of-All-Trades around the office. Her spare time is spent coaxing her husband into outdoor activities, and trying to work on the big book of poetry she hopes to finish by the end of the next decade.

All three new hires are looking forward to helping continue INFONETICS tradition of meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Please feel free to call or e-mail them and welcome them to the INFONETICS family.