From the President’s Console: May 1999

Posted May 1999

This past month we successfully hosted our 2nd-ever INFOGROUP users group meeting in conjunction with the NWSA’s Spring Management Conference held in Boston.  The response to both INFOGROUP meetings held this Spring was phenomenal, and frankly has overwhelmed us with excitement, not to mention new orders, for our unfolding Internet services.  It was also quite satisfying to be able to meet with customers in this new forum.

Unfortunately, some customers weren’t able to attend the NWSA based event, so we’ve decided to add one more INFOGROUP meeting.  The meeting will be hosted at our new facility in Grove City some time late this fall (provided construction goes according to plan).  We will probably focus on the same “PC’s, Internet and Electronic Commerce” topic from the first meetings.  We are also making plans to begin hosting a series of rotating training seminars at our new facility.  This would provide a place for you to send new employees for in-depth training on specific software modules and related topics.

We would also like to announce the addition of three new members to the INFONETICS staff!  For some time now we’ve been running full out, and it will be a welcome relief to get the new staff up to speed so we can refocus on some of our priorities.  

Finally, I’d like to welcome Bill at Igo’s Welding Supply in Watertown, MA as a new customer.  Welcome from everyone here at INFONETICS!

–David J Frea