INFOFAX Enhancements

Posted March 1999

Have you ever come in after a long weekend and, with the greatest of enthusiasm, started knocking out the work? You’ve got INFOFAXES queued up to go here, there, and everywhere. Before you know it you’re all caught up with nothing left to do. But, there’s an eerie silence in the office. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something’s wrong. Then it hits you. THE INFOFAX SERVER IS DOWN! Perhaps the power outage over the weekend rebooted your main system, or maybe it was just the cleaning folks playing with the power button (Hey, wonder what this button does….). But whatever the cause, no one remembered to re-start the INFOFAX server, so no faxes have been dialing out, and that’s the deafening silence you’re hearing!

We suffered the same fate here recently, and decided to do something about it. A new program has been written to automatically check, every hour on the hour, to see if the INFOFAX process is still running. If not, it automatically restarts it! Not only will this take care of automatically starting the INFOFAX process when the system has been shutdown and rebooted, but it will also restart it if the INFOFAX process has gone down (“defunct”) due to phone line conflicts or other minor annoyances.

But you say, “what if I’ve purposely disabled the INFOFAX process so that INFONETICS personnel can dial-in and do support work?” Don’t worry, this new automatic start feature will not attempt to re-start if it notices someone is logged in on the INFOFAX modem. On the other hand, if you’re one of those who regularly disables INFOFAX so you can work from home, well get a life. Or, get a 2nd modem and dedicate it for dial-in access.

If you’d like to try out this new feature, just give us a call. Have your modem ready for us to dial in, and have your root password handy. It’s ready for downloading now, and is a free enhancement to all registered owners of INFOFAX.