Oklahoma Distributor Signs On

Posted December 2002

Webster’s defines an “entrepreneur” as a person that organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. Jim Daves defines it as a person that finally got tired of pushing a pencil and punching a calculator and decided it was time to do something else. Twenty-two years ago Jim traded in the life of an accountant for that of a business owner in the welding supply industry. More than two decades later American Welding Supply is still running strong, and now with the help of a new INFONETICS system!

American Welding Supply is located in Cushing, Oklahoma (60 miles from Tulsa) and serves about a 45 mile radius. Operated by Jim and his two sons, Kevin and Wayne, American currently runs one truck to cover their service area. In addition, American recently completed construction on a state-of-the-art warehouse, office, and showroom complex. The new 15,000 square feet of combined space not only serves as a home to their welding supply business, but also carries a large selection of structured steel for the construction, oil, and government industries to name a few.

Please welcome Jim, Kevin, Wayne, Becky, and the folks at American Welding Supply to the INFONETICS family of users!