Thanks and Thanks

Posted June 2004

Found recently in the president’s email inbox….

Once again – thank you so much for anticipating our needs and coming to the rescue! It does not get any better than this. Thank you. – Dee Wyatt, ETOX

And, another….

Dear Jim and David,

Great Job!!!

I know that you always get to hear the bad news, well a job well done is in order. It Works!!!

I know that there were obstacles to overcome, but your perseverance paid off. A well deserved “Thank you” is in order- Thank you!

The new enhancements are wonderful. A/R report that Karen used to run as she went out to lunch took 40 minutes (was usually still running when she returned), now takes only 40 seconds!

Moral has already had a boost, because the system is running as it was only dreamed as it should.

Thank you again!


Ted Day, Betterway Industrial Gases, President

Well, you make us blush! But thanks for saying thanks!