What Can INFONETICS Do For You?

Posted October 2004

For some time now INFONETICS has been targeting outbound calls that we commonly refer to as Customer of the Day (COTD) calls. These calls are a chance for us to touch base with customers to whom we have not spoken in a while, follow up on issues we might have addressed in the past, and listen to what our customers have to say.


Over the years of COTD calls we’ve heard a number of terrific suggestions. One such suggestion was that INFONETICS look into organizing traveling INFOGROUP users group meetings in various parts of the country. Another idea was the suggestion to use the Internet as a means of connecting branch offices to the main server. INFONETICS blazed the way in perfecting new, inexpensive connectivity options RITA and RITA+VPN. And years ago, a terrific customer suggested we explore ways of faxing directly from their INFONETICS system. This suggestion led to one of our most popular modules; INFOFAX. We’ll shamelessly adopt any good idea offered up by our customers and pursue it as if we thought of it ourselves.

This is exactly the sort of feedback that INFONETICS was looking for when we started the COTD program. Not only do we want to share our ideas and innovations with you, we would like to know how we can better serve you. Every INFONETICS software innovation is driven by suggestions from our customers, but it should not stop there. We also strive to find ways for you to take advantage of all the wonderful ideas and features that we’ve come across over the years. Have an idea for your web site; call INFONETICS. Want to know how to use laser forms with your INFONETICS system; e-mail us. Curious about bar code scanning; send us a fax. We are proud to be your computer company and we truly value your input.