Welcome to Dustin!

Posted April 2001

INFONETICS is happy to welcome the newest member of the team, Dustin Frea. Dustin has recently moved into position formerly held by his big brother, Bryan. Bryan has moved on to other things, namely obtaining an Emergency Medical Technician degree from Columbus State Community College while finishing his senior year at Bishop Ready High School. In addition, Bryan plans to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University this fall.

But enough about Bryan. Let’s meet Dustin. A freshman at Bishop Ready High School, Dustin is currently involved in the concert band and the stage crew of the spring musical. In his spare time, he enjoys golf and water skiing and any other activity that makes his mother crazy!!! Here at INFONETICS, he will be learning the ropes in the service department from both Daniel and his father David doing jobs such as printer repairs and terminal set-ups before moving on to more complicated tasks such as building INFOTERMS and cloning hard drives. And since he is a teenager, he is perfect for one other chore through the spring and summer – mowing the grass!

Dustin won’t be answering any customer calls for a while, so you won’t get a chance to say “hey” to him, but we all want to extend a warm welcome to our newest employee.