From the President’s Console: February 1996

Posted February 1996


The long awaited, and highly anticipated Iomega JAZ removable cartridge disk drives have arrived! This new device finally showed up in our office last week, and initial testing and benchmarking is very promising. At 1000 megabytes, or 1 gigabyte (1GB) in techno-speak, this removable cartridge disk drive is many times faster than your typical CD-ROM drive, and holds 50% more data! That makes it an ideal platform for distribution of our new INFOACCESS electronic catalog. We’ve currently got over 900 megabytes of images scanned into INFOACCESS, and therefore need the extra capacity and speed of the JAZ drive. In fact, initial benchmarking pegs the JAZ drive performing at the speed of a typical internal hard drive. All that, and in a removable, reusable, exchangeable 3.5″ cartridge. WOW!

For those of you beta testing the new INFOACCESS electronic catalogs, be ready, we’ll be calling soon to arrange installation of your JAZ drive, and an updated INFOACCESS distribution. For those of you who were waiting for JAZ to arrive before getting started, now’s the time, first come first serve!

Well, I’ve rambled on again too long, but before I close, I’d like to welcome Teri, Lowell, Nancy and Diana at Buckeye Fire Safety in Springfield, Ohio as new customers.

–David J Frea